Parking Lot Sweeping

With almost three decades of experience in the parking lot sweeping industry in Phoenix, we have seen it all and, what’s more, we always come through for our valued customers.

Our parking lot vacuum sweepers are the best in the industry when combined with our quality workers who know what it takes to keep your properties clean. We offer parking lot sweeping throughout the metro Phoenix area.

We take pride in our work, and we value the wants and needs of our customers. All Pro Sweeping can customize your sweeping services, so that your service both suits your needs and fits your budget.  Our sweepers cover the entire Phoenix/Maricopa County area, and the commercial properties we sweep include parking lots for retail centers, small, medium, and large office buildings, HOAs, large size malls, industrial buildings, warehouses, and many other commercial entities. Allow us to put our expertise in this field to good use for you.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping Scope of Work

We regularly inspect our properties to ensure the highest quality of service is being provided and have GPS tracking in all our vehicles. Our scope of work for parking lot sweeping service includes the following:

  • Cleaning all open areas with a parking lot sweeper.
  • Hand-picking garbage, litter, and debris from such areas as sidewalks, curbs, corners, and planters.
  • Changing trash liners.
  • Cleaning trash areas and dumpster enclosures.
  • Backpack blowing all common areas, curbs, corners, walkways, bumper stops, islands/planters, trash bin enclosures, building exteriors, and other areas inaccessible to parking lot sweepers.
  • Regular inspections.

Need a Parking Lot Sweeping Estimate?

We are available to meet with property managers at any time to review our scope of work, your property’s particular needs, or any issues that need to be rectified. Customer Service is our #1 priority!  We pride ourselves in fixing any problems within a 24 -hour timeframe. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate for parking lot sweeping service, we need some initial information from you:

Frequency of service

Our clients’ needs vary depending on their facility. Some require sweeping services daily, once a week, once a month, or quarterly. This all depends on your property size and type. A busy retail center, an office building, an industrial warehouse, or a larger mall all have varying needs. If you are unsure of the frequency you need, let us give you our recommendation based on almost 30 years of experience, or we can quote the service based on your request.

Property size and type

Large retail properties, which tend to have more people coming and going require more frequency, and more time to clean. These properties tend to be cleaned five to seven days per week, whereas small office buildings might only require parking lot sweeping service once a month.

Area of service

Your pricing can vary depending on if the property is located in a “new build” area or a “regressed” area. Some regressed properties require more time to clean because of more foot traffic and vagrant loitering. This can result in more litter. Also, some properties have more mature landscaped areas. This can result in more foliage to clean in the parking lot.

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Allow us to service your commercial property portfolio; put our almost 30 years of experience to work and have confidence that you have partnered with the best parking lot sweeping company in the Valley!

Call 480-451-7885 today for a quote, or use our Quote Request form to provide the information above.

Bundle & Save on Facility Services

Customers who contract two or more services from All Pro Sweeping receive a bulk discount 15% on all services, so check out our other core services. In addition, we also offer landscape maintenance, tree trimming, window cleaning and commercial trash compactor clear out services.

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